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Test Center

test center

Martur Test Center performs reliability, vibration durability, functional durability, climatic chamber fatigue durability, acoustic analysis, comfort tests and airbag deployment tests in accordance with OEM specifications.

Martur Test Center is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the German Ministry of Industry and TÜV-SÜD to conduct homologation tests on automotive seats and BIW under the supervision of an authorized homologation expert.

The Test Center carries out virtual analyses verified through physical testing as part of in-house Design and Product Validation stages.

Martur Test Center plays an essential role in the company’s efforts towards creating new seat designs with the highest quality, lowest cost, and in the shortest time possible.



Airbag Deployment Test System:

Airbag Deployment Test System was implemented to perform safety tests on seat-side, instrument panel, passenger, and knee airbags.

Technical Features:

  • Up to four consecutive firings
  • Temperature conditioning: -40°C to +90°C) (with an accuracy of ±0.1°C)
  • Temperature & humidity monitoring
  • Two sensor channels with anti-aliasing filters
  • One internal airbag pressure sensor
  • One high-speed 3,000 fps color camera
  • Three high-speed 2,000 fps color cameras
  • 32x1 kW tungsten-halogen lighting
  • Automatic light controls

test center


A 3.1 MN catapult sled test system, where variety of crash safety tests with car body, seats, restraint systems etc. can be performed, has been installed and started to testing after getting CE conformity approval for the laboratory.